RULE 17: Omit Needless Words.

"Uttering a word is like striking a note on the keyboard of the imagination." - Ludwig Wittgenstein
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by Andy Scott

Part II: An Examination of Spaced and Paul

            If Benji Dunn was the first of Simon Pegg’s characters to inhabit my consciousness, then Tim Bisley is perhaps the closest of all Pegg’s characters to a personification of my own repressed and pseudo-nerd psyche. Tim is the slacker comic book artist from the short-lived TV series Spaced, Pegg’s first foray into mainstream British culture and his gateway into future work with various Hollywood projects. It is the character of Tim, as well as Graeme Willy of Paul that are the closest manifestations to Pegg’s own true geek, and these characters allow Pegg to publicly explore the various social influences that have been so strong in his formation. Most prominent in both projects are references to Star Wars, comic book enthusiasm and an interest in the paranormal.

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